Chateau Guges wines tasting in Moscow

On a warm Moscow evening, Marina Demchenko, editor-in-chief of Fashion Collection magazine, founder of the women’s club Woomanclub and the ambassador of the Villa Michetti club gathered famous and elegant women from among politicians, businesswomen and screen stars for a private dinner prepared personally by Igor Shurupov, chef and owner of the restaurant Accenti.

At the invitation of the organizers, we presented 3 of our wines for tasting: Bouquet de Cissus du Chateau Gugès 2014, Le Petit Roi du Chateau Gugès 2015 and Le Grand Vin du Chateau Gugès 2015. All of them were highly appreciated by sophisticated wine connoisseuses. The dinner menu was composed by chef Igor Shurupov, based on the recommendations and descriptions of the wines provided by us, ensuring the perfect harmony of drinks and dishes.

The representative of the wine house Chateau Gugès Vladimir Borisov made a small presentation, telling about the chateau, the appellation of Haut-Medoc, where it is located, the terroirs, the work on the vineyards and the winery, about the distinguishing characteristic of our wines. The guests showed genuine interest and asked many questions about Château Gugès, which Vladimir answered to with pleasure.