Vendange & Gerbaude 2017

Vendange and gerbaude… These words delight the ears of every winemaker and adept of fine wine. Yes, exactly Bordeaux. If the term vendange is adopted throughout winemaking the world jf wine, then gerbaude is a pure bordolese specialty.

The end of September is the culmination of the winemaking year, of long months of pampering the vine. This is the period when the harvest is picked up and a new wine is poured. Chateau Guges traditionally pick grapes manually, which makes our wine refined and original. Each year a close-knit team of Chateau Guges’ friends (which widens annually) is here for us and together we work effectively and jollily.

When the harvest is collected and handled and the tanks are filled with future wine, gerbaude comes up – the traditional bordolese holiday, signifying the end of the harvest.

Well, despite the fact that during vendange 2017 it was cool and rainy, we succeeded. And during Gerbaude the sun shone with might and main. Our large team of pickers is all around a large, convivial and celebratory meal, happy and relaxed.