Bottling’ 2017 results in superior wine

The assemblage, bottling, corking and labeling are the stages via which wine acquires the familiar marketable state. Modern automatic bottling lines ensure the sterility of the process.

To cork our wines we use exclusively natural corks of the highest quality, passed strict control.

It has been well said that the wine begins twice: the first time – in the vineyards, the second – on the label. It is accepted that for the first time labels with the specification of the place where the wine had been produced appeared at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries, although a hundred years ago their use was rather the exception, than the rule. The common usage of the labels run back 1860s, when wines began to be sold bottled for the most part.

We worked skillfully and pulled-together with the invaluable assistance of brothers Guges, so we successfully coped with all the stages, resulting in the exciting products with a unique taste combination and an elegant symphony of aromas.